How to apply

Online application at

The application form is available in during the application period. You can use the same application form to apply to all programmes included in the joint application, whether they are study programmes taught in English or Finnish.

The joint application is divided into two application periods. During the first application period, you can add study programmes taught in English to the application form. If you also apply to study programmes taught in Finnish, you may add those study programmes on the application form during the second application period. You may apply to up to 6 different study programmes in total, which should be arranged in order of priority.

First application period (degree programmes in English): 8 - 27 January 2016
Second application period (degree programmes in Finnish): 16 March - 6 April 2016.

The online application at closes at 3 pm Finnish time on the last day after both application periods.

Please contact the admission services of the UAS you have ranked highest on your application form (i.e. your first choice UAS) in all matters related to your application and to changes in your circumstances.

The application service guides and helps you to fill in the application form. Follow the instructions carefully and submit the application. You are only allowed to submit one application form. If you submit more than one, only the last application form will be taken into consideration.

After submitting the application, you are given an applicant number. Write down the applicant number and print a copy of the application form for yourself for future reference. A confirmation that the application form has been received will also be sent to your e-mail.

Enclosures to application

The enclosures to your application depend on your educational background and required proof of English language skills. Here are further instructions for applicants with:

All enclosures to the application must arrive in the admission services of your first choice UAS by 10 February 2016 at 3 pm (Finnish time).

Consider the options in your application carefully

You can choose from 1 to 6 different degree programmes on the application form. Choose your most preferred degree programme as your first option, and then choose your second to fourth options when applicable.

Choose your options of preference carefully; you cannot change the order of preference after the application closes. Place always your favourite degree programme as the first choice, the second favourite as the second choice and so on.

Please note that it is not advisable to apply to many different study fields. You are advised to choose your options from one or two study fields. The application options are also related to entrance examinations in a way that only the highest option within the same entrance examination group can invite you to the examination. If you are not from Finland, take into account the possible entrance examination locations, the selection of exam locations is limited and the order of preference on the application form is binding.

If you are not accepted in the programme of your first preference, your points will be checked if you can be accepted for your second, third or fourth preference. If you are accepted in the degree programme of your first preference, you cannot be selected for your second, third or fourth preference.

Changing the application

  • The order of preference can only be changed during the application period.
  • Changes in address or other relevant personal details can be changed also outside the application period.
  • All changes in the application or additional information must be sent in writing, e.g. by email, to the admission services of your first choice UAS.

Please use your applicant code when contacting the admission services!

How students are selected

All applicants must pass an entrance examination in order to qualify for admission. The final student selection can be made on the basis of points awarded for school performance (Finnish matriculation examination) and entrance examination, or points awarded for entrance examination solely. Further information on the admission criteria is available here.

The admission is conditional until all information and certificates used for applying have been checked. Your study place can be withdrawn, if you have given false information about your qualifications. Confirm the study place offered to you by the given deadline to make sure you don't lose the study place offered to you.

If you are not selected

If you did not receive a study place in the joint application, you will be notified of the admission result. The UAS will publish information on vacant study places and additional application periods for them on Studyinfo portal.

Selection between applicants with equal admission scores

In cases of equal admission scores, UAS applicants will be ranked on the following grounds:

  1. points awarded for the entrance examination;
  2. points awarded for school performance;
  3. points awarded for work experience;
  4. the preferred programme ranking on the application form.

If these criteria fail to produce a difference between tied applicants, Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences has decided to admit all of the equally ranked applicants.

Accessibility in student admissions

An applicant invited to sit an entrance examination may submit a separate application to request the right to special arrangements for taking the examination. The application should indicate the types of special arrangements being requested and the grounds for the request. The applicant should enclose with the application copies of the certificates that he or she invokes. The application for special arrangements for Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences can be informal, no specific forms are required.

In cases where an issue entitling to special arrangements already exists during the application period, an application for special arrangements for entrance examinations must be submitted by 10 February 2016 (3 pm Finnish time) to the admission services of each UAS to which the applicant is applying.

If an issue entitling to special arrangements emerges or is identified between the end of the application period and the entrance examination date, the applicant must submit an application for special arrangements to the admission services of each UAS arranging the entrance examinations that he or she intends to take without delay.

Decisions on special arrangements for entrance examinations are specific to each programme choice and a decision is only valid on a specific examination date. If a person later signs up for an entrance examination for the same or some other programme, he or she will have to reapply for special arrangements for the relevant entrance examination.


If you feel that student selection has not been conducted in accordance with the admission criteria, you must first contact the admission services of the university of applied sciences that you applied to. If this does not clarify the matter, you can make a written request for adjustment to the decision regarding student admission. A request for adjustment must be made in writing within 14 days of publishing the results of student admission. The request must specify the points of the decision that adjustment is sought for, and the grounds for the request for adjustment.

Instructions for request for adjustment