Effective research, development and innovation activities

The RDI activities in Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences are aimed at improving the conditions for regeneration, growth and entrepreneurship in the region.

Effective RDI activities are based on deep expertise and recognised needs.

Innovation and a constant regeneration of the activities are encouraged by setting up open development environments within Mamk where ideas can be tested and refined before applying forexternal project funding.

Students, the entire staff and representatives of stakeholders can participate in the activities. The outcome will be genuinely need-based, solution-oriented openings.

Region-oriented strategy and smart specialisation

The fields of expertise in Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences are

The fields of expertise support the key regional strategies and action plans (e.g. the South Savo Regional Plan). The European Union policy as well as research and innovation programmes also play a role. Attempts will be made to be at the cutting edge nationally in the specified key fields.

The potential of creating digital services and entrepreneurial opportunities will be taken into account in all activities.

The RDI activities directed at Russia will focus on the environment and forestry, and are carried out in cooperation with Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences.