International relations

International atmosphere

Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences hosts currently over 300 international students from more than 30 countries. In addition, we have several international lecturers and experts from our partner institutions visiting Mikkeli every year. The Finnish Ministry of Education has rewarded Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences five times for its international activities. Mamk and Kyamk have had common International Services since the beginning of 2010.

Global network

Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences has over 200 international co-operation agreements with Higher Education Institutions and Universities all over the world. The worldwide cooperative network provides numerous possibilities for all students at Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences. Exchanges in Europe are mainly coordinated through Erasmus+ -programme.

International study programmes and Summer studies in English

Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences offers English language Bachelor`s Degree programmes in Business Management (BBA), Information Technology and Environmental Engineering (BEng.) The working and teaching language of all International Programmes is English. Most students in these programmes spend a semester or an academic year abroad in one of our partner institutions. Summer studies in Mikkeli bring exchange students and teachers from foreign partner institutions to Mikkeli every summer. The summer programme is offered entirely in English and is open for both students and the participants from the working life.

Contact info

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