Applying for a residence permit and visa

Students from EU/EEA countries

Exchange students from the EU/EEA countries need to do a registration if they stay in Finland longer than 3 months. The registration will be done at the local police station in Finland. Further instructions will be given in the orientation which is arranged in the beginning of your exchange period.

Students from non-EU/EEA and non-Nordic countries

If you plan to study in Finland more than 3 months, you need a resedence permit. If your study time is 90 days or less you may need a visa. Information on visas is available at

Applying for a residence permit

Submit a residence permit application online at Applying online is the fastest way to get a decision to your application. You need to apply for a residence permit abroad, not in Finland. All students applying for a residence permit to Finland are required to visit a Finnish embassy
or consulate in person to have their fingerprints collected. Your application will not be processed before you have visited the embassy/consulate even if you applied online. If there is no Finnish diplomatic mission in your country, choose a Finnish embassy/consulate in another country and contact them in advance to confirm your visit. All Finnish mission are listed at

Important to remember

Start preparing your application as early as possible. The process will take longer if your application is incomplete. You will get a biometric residence permit card if your application is approved. It takes approximately 2-3 weeks to deliver the card to the Finnish embassy.
It is not possible to expedite the delivery of the card.

You need to wait for the residence permit card before coming to Finland. It is not possible to collect the card from Finland. Remember that airline tickets should not be acquired in advance since the decision might not be ready before your flight.

Finnish Immigration Services processes all residence permit applications based on studying as urgent.


Your livelihood has to be secured either with a deposit in your own bank account or with an official scholarship/grant. Before a residence permit or a visa can be granted, you must make a bank deposit of EUR 6 720 (EUR 560 per study month) in your own name.
If your studies last less than one year, you are required to have EUR 560/month you intend to stay in Finland.