Right now

Mamk Open University of Applied Sciences offers free online courses on following themes from 1.1.2016 onwards

Health care
~ Gerontological Nursing
~ Health promoting podiatry
~ Violence work (Domestic violence)
~ Wound management
~ Pain management
~ Activating physiotherapy in stroke rehabilitation

Environmental technology and Forestry
~ Safety of household chemicals and glyphosate

Hospitality management
~ Russia beyond the headlines
~ Destination Finland (in September)

Enrolment and more information on courses at Mamk´s Training calendar



Joint application

See www.mamk.fi/applying for information on the joint application in spring 2016.

Delivering enclosures

Deadline for delivering enclosures is 10 Feb. Mamk will send a confirmation email after receiving your documents.

Checking up on your application

If we have any questions when processing your application, we will contact you by email. All applications have been processed by mid-March.

Entry exams

Pre-reading material for Business management entry exam 2016, update on 8 Feb as regards to applicants living in China. See all info on entry exams at www.mamk.fi/entrance_examinations.

Discretionary admission

The instructions for Mamk applicants: www.mamk.fi/discretionary_admission.