Right now

Mamk Open University of Applied Sciences offers free online courses on following themes

Health care
~ Gerontological Nursing
~ Health promoting podiatry
~ Violence work (Domestic violence)
~ Wound management
~ Pain management
~ Activating physiotherapy in stroke rehabilitation

Environmental technology and Forestry
~ Safety of household chemicals and glyphosate

Hospitality management
~ Russia beyond the headlines
~ Destination Finland
~ Get the experience of Finland

~ The first steps in the Finnish language

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Joint application

Further information: admissions(a)mamk.fi, www.mamk.fi/applying

Admission results

The results for all study programmes in the joint application have been published on 1 July. All applicants are notified of the admission result with a letter sent by email in the beginning of July.

Waiting list is used to admit students in case of cancellations in the degree programmes at Mamk only until 20 July.

If you are accepted from the wait list after 1 July, you will receive an email notification from Mamk informing you about it.

If you need to contact Mamk Admission services, please do so via email: admissions(at)mamk.fi. During 4 - 8 July and 18 July - 5 August there is no telephone service available.

*updated 1 July*