Your life - your degree

It is our pleasure to invite you to study in the stimulating environment of Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences (Mamk).

Our mission is to provide the highest professional expertise as well as applied research and development work for the needs of the working life.

Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences is a modern higher education institution with

  • Degree programmes on both Bachelor´s and Master´s levels
  • 3 Bachelor´s Degree Programmes in English
  • 4500 students, approx. 200 full-time lecturers
  • 2 campuses in the towns of Mikkeli and Savonlinna

High-quality education

The Finnish Ministry of Education has awarded Mamk many times, for instance for its international activities, excellent cooperation with working life and extensive research and development work. Mikkeli UAS has the Diploma Supplement Label granted by the European Commission. The Diploma Supplement facilitates applying for further studies abroad or pursuing an international career.

The quality assurance system in Mamk is on a high level. We were among the first institutions of higher education in Finland to pass the evaluation by the Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council.


In Mamk you are studying is an international group - we host about 300 foreign students every year. The Bachelor´s Degree Programmes in Business Management, in Environmental Engineering and in Information Technology are conducted completely in English. The international aspect of the studies is strengthened also by visiting lecturers. We also organise an International Summer Term which consists of intensive courses in English in different study fields.

Mamk collaborates with 200 international universities. You can enhance your language skills and get international experience by doing part of your studies in the partner institutions. You can also complete your practical training abroad.

Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences has more fields of study than any other Finnish University of Applied Sciences:

  • Humanities and Education
  • Culture
  • Natural Sciences
  • Natural Resources and the Environment
  • Tourism, Catering and Domestic Services
  • Social Services, Health and Sports
  • Technology, Communication and Transport
  • Social Sciences, Business and Administration