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Open University of Applied Sciences (UAS) studies are intended for all regardless of age or educational background. However, OUAS studies are not for Mamk's degree students. The open studies base on the curricula of Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences and they are carried out either among degree programme students or in separately organized courses. Finnish credits are fully compatible with the ECTS.

Online courses that are carried out in English are free of charge.

Open UAS studies do not result in graduation and are therefore not regarded as full-time studies. In order to complete a degree, you must have the qualifications required for UAS studies and apply for the studies as a degree student through the national central application service. More information at

Open UAS studies are for you if you

  • want to update, develop or enhance your expertise
  • are considering studies at an university of applied sciences in the future
  • are into increasing your general knowledge of areas of your interest

As an open studies student you are not entitled to a study grant or other study-related social benefits. Unemployed job seeker can usually complete studies without losing unemployment compensation. However, it is strongly recommended to ask your own labor union, the employment agency or Kela for the decision in advance. More information here .


International students

Visa / residence permit

International students may need a visa or residence permit depending on their nationality. These permits are not granted solely based on open UAS studies. For further information please visit Study in Finland or website of the Finnish Immigration Service.


Foreign students are not covered by the statutory accident insurance or the voluntary group accident insurance of Mikkeli University of Applied science. It is recommended that they should take their own insurances.


Certificate and grading scale

Including studies in degree

If you wish to include your open UAS studies in your degree studies, please contact your student advisor in order to find out, if the studies can be accepted. Please also note that intensive attendance at contact lessons is compulsory in many of our courses.

ECTS process

All Finnish universities use the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). A total of 60 ECTS measures the maximum workload of a full-time student during one academic year. One ECTS credit is equivalent to 27 hours of student work. Work input for credits can include lectures, exercises, seminars, independent study and research, and other assignments.


At the end of your open UAS studies, you will receive an official certificate. However, if you are studying our online courses, and you are not a citizen of Finland, you will receive the certificate by email in PDF-form. If you later become a full-time student at Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences, your studies at Open UAS can be included in your degree studies. When starting degree studies, remember to discuss the eligibility of the credit transfer with your lecturer.

Grading Scale

Completed courses are graded on the scale 1 - 5 or with H "accepted". The evaluation is carried out by the lecturers responsible for the course. Factors that affect the grading are presence at the lectures and both written and spoken assignments according to the instructions given at the beginning of each course.

Grading system
The following grading system is in use:

The Finnish Grading Scale (5-H) / The ECTS Grading Scale (A-F)

5 = excellent: outstanding performance with only minor errors A
4 = very good: above average but with some errors B
3 = good: generally sound work with a number of notable errors C
2 = satisfactory: fair but with significant shortcomings D
1 = sufficient: performance meets the minimum criteria E
0 = fail: some more work required before the credit can be awarded FX
0 = fail: considerable further work is required F
H = passed

You are requested to submit student grades using the Finnish Grading Scale.
It is advisable to work with percentages and then convert into the Finnish Grading Scale, i.e.

89 – 100 p. = 5 (Excellent )
77 – 88 p. = 4 (Very good)
65 – 76 p. = 3 (Good )
53 – 64 p. = 2 (Highly satisfactory)
40 – 52 p. = 1 (Satisfactory)
The student's annual workload of 1600 hours is worth 60 ECTS credits.


Support services

Campus Library

Campus Library and Information Services are located at K-building at the main campus. Campus library offers a wide range of collections of books, journals, recordings, series, videos, CD-ROMs, and bachelor’s theses. The loan period is usually 14 days with the exception of the reference library material which you can borrow for one night only. Borrowing is free of charge, but you need to return the loans on time. Fines are charged for overdue books. There is a room for self-study purposes on the 2nd floor of the Campus Library. More information is available at

IT services

If there are problems with logging to computers or software, please contact helpdesk(a)
If there are problems when using Moodle learning environment, please contact moodletuki(a)

Your personal information (name, contact information and course grades) are stored in our ASIO database. None of the information will be given to outsiders. The database also includes your individual user name. The teacher of the course will inform you whether you’ll need the user name and a password during your studies. The user name is valid for the period of time you have the right to study.

Contact information

Please contact us

email: openstudies(a)
mobilephone: +358 40 8266 050 (Yes, I'm using WhatsApp!)
Mikkeli Open UAS office: X-building 2nd floor, room X206
Address: Patteristonkatu 3, 50100 Mikkeli, Finland